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The Holmes County Career and Technical Center provides area high school students with intense Career and Technical skill training. The programs feature a variety of learning styles that help our student scholars make the transition from school to career as well as college.

Adult classes

HCCTC will offer Adult Education/Evening Classes. Registration is February 5, 2019 at 6:00 pm.

Our focus

Seven Career Technical programs are offered as electives and Science credits to 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students at the Holmes County Career and Technical Center.

Student success

Students attend for a 2 hour blocks and receive 2 Carnegie units per enrolled course.

Director Shintri Hathorn

Director's Message

Welcome to the Holmes County Career and Technical Center Website!

 I believe no statement is truer or more critical than, Career and Technical Education embraces the keys to unlock the potential future of our great state.

Profundity of knowledge and enhancement of skills must be a constant for employees to be more productive, locate, maintain high skill/high wage jobs and advance in careers.  With this being said, now more than ever it is crucial that we establish working relationships with business/industry, the students, parents, community stakeholders and with educators.  This MUST be done if we are to adequately equip our community (high school and adult learners) with the skills and knowledge capable of meeting the needs of a competitive global economy.

Our Career and Technical Center’s curriculum is aligning its programs of study with area business/industry so that the skills gap is minimized and more students and adult learners will leave our schools with the skills industry seeks.  Our state issued curriculum provides students with high caliber learning experiences that are in a continuous process of review and revision.

Vocational Education (Vo-Tech) is no more.  Today, on both the state and national level, Career and Technical Education is more than just a rebranding and name change.  It is a change in how we do business!  Whereas Vo-Tech was primarily focused on preparing a subset of students for jobs right out of high school, Career and Technical Education are educational programs that encompasses rigor in academic concepts, critical thinking, career pathway preparation and a seamless transition to postsecondary learning. Students now experience relevant classroom theory instruction that is enriched with academic rigor as well as hands on applied instruction.

The Career Tech instructors are industry professionals, with many years of experience in technical trained areas.  Their educational training and work experiences are key in providing our students with capacity to not only directly enter the workforce with national credentials, but to continue their educational pursuits.

We will continue to foster our relationships with local industry, community leaders and post-secondary institutions of learning, in order that we may provide our students with the skills needed to become productive citizens and leaders.  We encourage our parents and students to learn more about the Career and Tech programs offered in the Holmes County Consolidated School District so that they may make a more informed decision when selecting courses aligned to the student’s career pathway.

We look forward to serving you.


For the success of students,

Ms. Shintri Hathorn, Director

Career and Technical Center

Holmes County Consolidated School District

Career and Technical Education

embraces the keys
to unlock the potential future of our great state
  • 1st Block 7:50 - 9:30
  • 2nd Block 9:47 - 11:25
  • 3rd Block 1:15 - 2:50
Meet our Teachers
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Mrs. Washington
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Mr. Smith
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Ms. McCallum
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Mr. McKibben

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Beyond the classroom


Course Offerings

Elective courses and courses that count for Science credit are offered in the following areas:
 AEST AgriScience and Science of Agriculture Plants/Animals
 Business Management and Fundamentals
 Construction and Carpentry
 Collision Repair
 Teacher Academy
 Health Science Core and Healthcare and Clinical Services
 Industrial Maintenance


Evening Classes

 Fall Offering, beginning October 2, 2018
 Tuesdays & Thursdays: 5:30pm-8:30pm
 Welding, Autobody Paint & Refinish, Computer Literacy, Residential Wiring (Electricity)
 GED and Employment Counseling

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Director, Shintri Hathorn


Counselor, Rashunda Archer


Office Administrator, Reather Anderson

Student Support Services Coordinator, Ms. Loretta Tidwell