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3877 Hwy 51 South, Goodman, MS 39079

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The Eagle’s Nest is responsible for serving students in grades K – 5 in the Goodman and Pickens Community.

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Goodman-Pickens Elementary School offers free lunch and bus transportation to ALL students.

Our focus

Students here at GPE are challenged each day to become critical thinkers, learn important social skills, and interact on a positive level with classmates and teachers.

The Three B's

Students are required to always exemplify our 3 B’s: Be Respectful! Be Responsible! and Be Safe!

Principal Karen Williams

Principal's Message

Welcome to the Goodman Pickens Elementary School’s Website, home of the Eagles! We are happy you took the time to visit our webpage.

Goodman Pickens Elementary School is a wonderful place for students to learn, and I know that by working collaboratively together we will ensure an excellent education for your child. Our goal is to provide an educational environment which enables our students to become independent readers, writers, and thinkers. This year, you will find teachers focused on numerous building and district initiatives. Along with these initiatives, we will work together to strive for student achievement and success, ensuring that students are making adequate educational and personal growth.

As the Principal of Goodman Pickens Elementary School, I pledge to you that our students are our number one priority. We will keep you informed with our newsletter and by posting notices to this website.  Please know that we are here to support you and your student, and we welcome you to contact us if there is any way we can further assist you in meeting your child’s needs.


Dedicated to education excellence,

Karen Williams


Our School Motto

for Excellence
  • Bus Unloading and Breakfast 7:00 - 7:45
  • 1st Period 8:00 - 8:57
  • 2nd Period 9:00 - 9:57
  • 3rd Period 10:00 - 10:57
  • 4th Period 11:00 - 11:57
  • 5th Period 12:00 - 12:57
  • 6th Period 1:00 - 1:57
  • 7th Period 2:00 - 2:57
  • Bus Dismissal 3:00 - 3:30

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Dress Code

Bottoms: Khaki
Tops: Navy Blue or School Spirit T-Shirt
Shoes: Closed-toe; NO sandals, flip-flops, or house shoes.


Extracurricular Activities

Basketball – Girls/Boys (3RD - 5TH Grade)
Cheerleading (1ST – 5TH Grade)
Girl Scouts (K – 5TH Grade)


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We strongly encourage parental and community involvement and are always looking for ways to increase student achievement.

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Karen Williams, Principal


Robin Horton, Intervention Specialist


Natasha Boyd, Administrative Assistant


Stacy Hightower, School Counselor