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HCCHS Physics Students visit Tougaloo College

On March 5th, 2019 HCCHS AP Physics students visited Tougaloo college and conducted Physics experiments on Kinematics and Electricity.  The students exhibited exemplary behavior, outstanding skills and talent with full potential.  Professors Dr. Benerjee and Dr. Biswas were very impressed with the HCCHS students’ abilities, skills, interest  and eagerness for science.

HCCHS students found accurate results while finding the value of “g” by using free fall ball and sensor equipment attached to a timer. The college professors asked to keep the students’ data for their class reference.

At Tougaloo College HCCHS students had the opportunity to speak with Dean of Natural Science, Prof. Jinghe Mao. Professor Mao highlighted possibilities and opportunities in the fields of science and technology, and informed the students of the opportunity to earn full scholarships.  

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