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Future Healthcare Professionals Serve Industry Partners

On May 17, 2019, the Holmes County Consolidated School District’s Career Tech Center students traveled to Emerald Transformers in Lexington, MS to provide basic health screenings for the entire staff.
Ms. Shintri Hathorn, CTC Principal, and  Emerald’s leaders organized this field trip to provide the Health Science students an opportunity to implement the practical skills they learned in class. This learning experience also allowed Emerald Transformers’ leaders the opportunity to demonstrate to their team members their concern for their well-being.
The future healthcare professionals demonstrated skills such as customer service, communication, blood pressure readings, calming patients with anxiety concerning needles, and taking individual glucose level readings under the direction of their instructor, Mrs. Janice Washington. The Health Science students conducted a similar off-site health screening for the team members of Hunter Engineering, Inc last year. Hunter Engineering serves as an active industry-advisory member for the Career and Technical Center. The students remarked that these offsite practical labs allow them to practice their skills on real patients versus their classmates.
For more information on how you may partner with the Career and Technical Center, please feel free to contact them at 662-834-3052

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