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FBLA - On a Winning Streak

Nic'Tavious Dawson
1st Year Student, Sophomore, Competed in Introduction to Public Speaking, 4th Place 
His speech was developed based on the FBLA-PBL Goal: Strengthen the confidence in students in themselves and their work. This speech won 2nd Place at the Central District competition.
Arkyia Sutherland
1st Year Student, Sophomore, Competed in Digital Video Production, 4th Place
Arkyia's production was original content with self-knowledge as her research content. The presentation involved creating a "How-to Video" with moving images instructing an audience on the steps to complete a task. Her instructional video was "How-to Make a Layup".
Je'Milya Hudson and Jabri Randle
Both are 2nd Year Students classified as Juniors. The team of two placed 4th in the Public Service Announcement competition. The students researched, formulated an objective and created a 30-second PSA that helps to promote mental health awareness.