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Holmes County Consolidated School District Appoints Dr. Debra Powell as Superintendent

Lexington, MS (May 18, 2021) — The board members of the Holmes County Consolidated School District today announced the appointment of Debra Powell, Ed.D. as the new Superintendent.

“The Board is very satisfied with the decision of hiring Dr. Debra Powell as our next Superintendent,” said Louise Winters, Board President, Holmes County Consolidated School District. “She meets all of the qualifications the people of Holmes County say they want in a Superintendent. Three of our main focuses are finances, academics, and bringing our community together as one. We need everyone on board working with the same goal in mind: Making sure our children are successful! We believe Dr. Powell can lead the way to move us out of this ‘F’ status. She has the full support of the Board and now the reins are in her hands.”

Dr. Powell has 16 years of experience in the field of education. Her prior experience includes serving as assistant principal and principal in St. Louis, MO, Kansas, MO, and Lexington, MS. She currently serves as managing partner for VoiceSpeaks, LLC in Nashville, TN. Dr. Powell’s experience outside of education includes serving as mayor of the City of East St. Louis, IL, and news director for GEMM Media Centre in East St. Louis, IL.

“Holmes County, the time is now! If not now, when? Together, there is nothing we can’t do,” Dr. Powell said. “We must pool our resources, talents, and time to prepare a solid foundation of success that will enable our children to compete with the world. Holmes County Consolidated School District is like a pearl that is covered in mud, and we must wash that mud away and reveal the true beauty of our district.”

Dr. Powell is a graduate of the University of Nebraska where she received a bachelor’s degree in speech communication and Webster University where she received a master’s degree in teaching / multidisciplinary studies. She is also a graduate of the University of Missouri where she received an educational specialist degree in educational administration and Maryville University where she received a doctorate degree in educational administration.

Dr. Powell is set to begin her leadership of the Holmes County Consolidated School District on May 18, 2021.