12572 Highway 12, Lexington, MS 39095

Mary Taylor


I was born in Lexington, MS, but moved to Kansas City, MO as a child. I later moved back to Mississippi as a teenager to complete high school.
I attended MVSU, the mighty Delta Devils, undergrad and graduate courses.
I love bargain shopping, traveling, listening to music, creating new dishes and learning different and exciting things: explore, explore, explore!
Teaching has been my passion for as long as I can remember, and my memory goes way back (29 years).

Collegiate and Graduate Degree(s)

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education
Master of Science in Elementary Education (pending)


Elementary Education Certification

Subject: 5th Grade ELA

Daily Schedule

  • 1st/2nd period 5A ELA
  • 3rd/4th period 5B ELA (Lunch)
  • 5th/6th period 5C ELA
  • 7th period Planning

Class Resources

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