About Us

  • The Career and Technical Center provides the opportunity for student's grades 10th-12th to begin their professional career and a jump start on your college experience.  

    Courses Offered: 


    • AEST Concepts of Agri-Science 2 credits per year – The course serves as the entry-level course for other courses in agriculture, including horticulture and forestry. The focus is to begin the preparation of students for further study leading to successful careers in the agriculture industry.
    • AEST Science of Agribusiness (Year 2) (Semester 1) - The course highlights technologies and applied practices of the progressive animal-agriculture industry.
    • AEST Science of Agricultural Plants (Year 2) (Semester 2) - Introduce students to the role of plant and soil science in the production agriculture, the importance of [plant growth, nutrition and management, reproduction, and how to manage plant pests.

    Construction and Carpentry - 2 credits per year 

    • The construction course introduces students to fundamentals of construction safety, tools, math, and blueprint reading, as well as basic carpentry, electrical, masonry, and plumbing skills
    • The Carpentry course consists of an in-depth study of basic safety, construction, math materials, wall, ceiling, and roof framing; windows and doors; and construction essentials.

    Collision Repair – 2 credits per year 

    • Collision repair is a pathway for students in the transportation career cluster. The course consists of fundamentals mechanical/electrical components, nonstructural analysis and damage repair, and painting and refinishing.

    Health Science Core/Health Care & Clinical Services – 2 credits per year 

    • The Health Science Core A course introduces students to the theory and practical applications of tasks related to employment in the field of health science. Students will cover topics such as safety in the workplace, infection control, and health care systems.
    • The Health Specialties course helps the student establish an understanding of specialty areas within the health care field. Students will be exposed to the theory and application related to careers within health care. 

    Industrial Maintenance 1 & 2 – 2 credits per year 

    • The Industrial Maintenance 1 Course introduces students to fundamentals of safety, tools, math, blue print reading, materials, handling, fasteners and anchors, oxy-fuel cutting, and an introduction to the National Electrical Code. 
    • Industrial Maintenance 2 is a continuation of Industrial Maintenance 1 with the emphasis on employability skills, safety, gaskets, packing, pumps, drivers, valves, lubrication, construction drawings, test equipment, material handling and rigging, mobile and support equipment, electrical theory, conductor termination and splices, hydraulic and pneumatic controls, and welding. 

    Teacher Academy (HCCHS) - 2 credits per year 

    • The Teacher Academy program is a high school course designed to attract students to the field of education, to provide information and field experiences relevant to pursuing a degree in education, and to prepare students for the rigors of a career in education so they will remain long-term educators. The Teacher Academy pathway includes classroom and hands-on experiences that will prepare students or employment or continuing education in the education field. 

    Business Fundamentals & Business Management – 2 credits per year  

    • Courses in business fundamentals provide instruction in basic business skills and knowledge related to economic fundamentals, communications, finance, human relations, career development, ethics, and business etiquette.
    • Management courses include instruction in employee supervision, management, and labor relations; budgeting; scheduling and coordination; office systems operation and public relations.



    The HCCTC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, or disability in the provision of educational programs and services or employment opportunities and benefits.