• Holmes County Consolidated School District By the Numbers

      2987  2019-2020 Enrollment
              51%         Male
              49%         Female
              98.9%      Black
              .09%        White
              .10%        Hispanic
              .10%        Asian
      100%      Provided Free Breakfast & Lunch
      96%        Average Daily Student Attendance
      $5,832    Per Pupil Expenditure (State Average $9,704)

      403  Full-time employees
              71% Female
              29% Male
              93% Black
              4% White
              3% Asian
      86%        Teachers Certified (Does not include certified administrative staff.)
      $43,695    Average Teacher Salary

      21:1 Student/Teacher Ratio

      Holmes County
      765 sq mi    Size of county
      19,198    Population
              82%    Black
              16% White
              1%    Hispanic
              75% High School Graduate or higher
              10% Bachelor’s degree or higher
      Lexington    County Seat
      7        Number of towns
      8        School Campuses
      $21,093    Median Household income (2018)
      Still largely rural, Holmes County in the 21st century has problems associated with poverty and limited access to health care; it has the lowest life expectancy of any county in the United States, for both men and women. Holmes County has the lowest per capita income in Mississippi and the 41st lowest in the United States.