• Mission: We believe that nutrition helps to bridge the gap for academic success. Our primary focus is to provide good nutritious meals for children.


    Vison: To have nutrition education and healthy meals available to all children.


    More: We believe a Healthy Child is a Happy Child. We help feed the body, mind, and soul of a child.

    Our well-trained staff can provide information and activities for children to help them form good nutritional habits. We also provide meals for children with special diets. Documentation is needed from a doctor or licensed dietitian so the children will have all of their nutritional needs met. 
    There are no competitive sales on campus one hour prior to breakfast or lunch service. 


    Ms. B. Rena Pritchard  – SFSA

    Phone:  662-834-2175

    email: rpritchard@holmccsd.org

    Ms. Verna Jones    HCCHS Manager

    Phone: 662-834-3585

    email:  vjones@holmesccsd.org

    Ms. Gloria Brooks – GPE  Manager

    Phone: 662-468-2776

    email: gbrooks@holmesccsd.org

    Ms. Lillie Hogsett – WSE Manager

    Phone: 662-653-3968 

    email: lhogsett@holmesccsd.org

    Ms. Levone Tyler – WDJE Manager

    Phone: 662-834-3466

    email: ltyler@holmesccsd.org

    TBA – Durant Elementary




    Ms.  Traneen Smiley – Gray – SVME Manager

    Phone: 662-235-4790  

    email: tgray@holmesccsd.org


    Sharon April – Floating Manager

    Phone: 662-834-3466 / 662-235-4790

                                                                                      USDA School Meal Information