The development of a strong, competent classified staff of employees, and the maintenance of high morale among this staff, are major objectives of the school board. The board recognizes that thorough, regular appraisal of performance is essential to the realization of district goals. The primary purpose of personnel evaluation is the growth and development of individual staff members, the strengthening of the school staff as a whole, and improvement of support services provided.

    • The board directs the superintendent and administrative staff to develop regulations, procedures, and instruments for evaluation, using the following guidelines:
      • The board expects principals and supervisors to exert every effort to encourage staff members to develop their performance to an optimum degree.
      • Performance appraisal will be continuous, and not limited to items and procedures set for formal evaluation.
      • The evaluation process will make use of both self-evaluation and supervisory evaluation.
      • The evaluation process will emphasize both the achievement of goals set mutually by the staff member and supervisor early in the school year and standardized objectives rating forms.
      • The procedures will provide for the recognition of outstanding services and also will be used for sound decision making as well as for counseling and inservice training.
      • When aspects of a staff member's performance are in need of improvement, the principal or supervisor will specifically identify those areas needing improvement and will develop a plan of assistance.
      • Subsequent evaluations will address improvement and/or the need for further monitoring.
      • To provide for objectivity and uniformity, observations and evaluations will be carried out in accordance with the guidelines set forth in administrative regulations which have been developed cooperatively by the administration and staff and reviewed and approved by the school board.


    The evaluation of professional employees shall be in the form and manner prescribed by the state department of education. The school board of this district directs the Superintendent to formulate and implement a formal annual performance appraisal system based on the job descriptions and on-the-job performance of every professional employee.

    The Mississippi Public School Accountability Standard for this policy is Standard 3.